The Power of Belief.

The human mind is a powerful and mysterious thing. Within the mind is our imagination; our power of belief.


Believing in something is said to give it power. We see examples of this everywhere. 

Every year my high school would bring a hypnotist to the school as a treat to the students during the week before homecoming. His name was Astonishing Neal. One year I volunteered to be part of the act. He took maybe 50 volunteers up onto the stage and said that he would be able to tell who was faking, and he would send the fakers back to their seats. 

I had never been hypnotized before and I wasn’t sure I really believed in it or not, but I wanted to try. 

So I got up there and followed Astonishing Neal’s voice. I did everything he said, just as he said it, and I was never sent back to my seat like about 40 other people were. But the thing is, I know I wasn’t hypnotized. I told my friends that after the assembly. Apparently I put on a convincing performance, but I knew I was only did the things Astonishing Neal said because the other volunteers were as well and I didn’t want to be sent back to my seat. 

So I decided there are a few types of minds in this kind of situation: those who believe in hypnotism and can be successfully hypnotized, those you believe in hypnotism but cannot be successfully hypnotized (me), and those who do not believe and can therefore not be hypnotized.

Hypnotism is just a mental game. Astonishingly Neal even said at the beginning of his act that if your mind is closed to hypnotism, you can’t be hypnotized. It can’t be force upon an unwilling mind.


If you don’t open your mind to something, it will not occur to you.

If you don’t open your mind to the possibility of the sacred, it won’t be forced upon you.

If you don’t open your mind to speaking in tongue, it won’t just happen spontaneously to you.


But then there exist the gray area where you believe and still something does not quite reach you. This is the area I fell into regarding hypnotism. I had my mind open to it and was fully prepared to let it happen, but it didn’t. Some people (Dr Toole) may be open to new practices such as speaking in tongues, but despite their open-mindedness, it just doesn’t happen for them. 


This occurs because certain things are beyond our cognitive thought. We can’t control them. We can be open to them and give them the ability to interact with us, or we can be closed to them and shut off access for interaction. But we cannot force the interaction.


The Sacred Quest contains a statement that the sacred is beyond human will. This is especially evident here. The sacred can pull open the curtain and interact with us, but we must keep our minds open to it. We must allow our eyes to be open with the curtain is pulled back. And we open our eyes to the sacred through our belief and faith; opening our minds without seeing or knowing prior.


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