Sharing Faith

In my communication class we recently covered a chapter on interpersonal communication. Basically it talked about how we choose our friends. A big part of this decision relies on similarity.


One of the similarities given as an example was upbringing. 


I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years now. He’s a year older than me so we began a long distance relationship a year ago when he left for college. Long distance was hard enough then when I was still in high school, but it has only gotten harder now that I’m in college too with all new people. 

There are plenty attractive people on this campus. That’s just a fact. After being here for over a month, however, I have realized that there’s not a single person I would ever get along with like I do with my boyfriend because we share something deeper that mutual attraction and common interests. We share our faith.


Faith is a powerful thing on its own, but shared between people its power multiplies. Religion has banded people together for centuries in pursuit of shared beliefs. People have fought and died for faith. It obviously has the power to bond people very strongly. That is something I feel with my family, in my church congregation both here at school and at home, and with my boyfriend. We understand each other on a whole other level because we share a faith.


Sometimes when we talk at night, we have conversations about our faith that last for hours. Sometimes we contemplate faith more than our daily activities. And it is awesome. 


I love having someone whom I can tell my deepest thoughts too.

Sharing faith can bring a relationship, whether between friends, family, or couples, to a whole new level.


He lives in the “Bible Belt” and attends a very Christian school so he always has new stories and ideas to bring to the table. I don’t have any other friends whom I feel l can talk about my faith with like I can with him. It’s definitely a special relationship in that way, and I am blessed to have it.


Sometimes we take for granted things that we grow used to and comfortable with. There are definitely days when I forget how lucky I am to be able to share something so personal as my faith with someone without judgement.


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