Witch craft.

Now that it’s October, the horror genre is taking over. It is my favorite time of year. I love everything about October; the fall weather, the Halloween decorations, the pumpkin flavored/scented EVERYTHING, but most of all the movies. One of my favorites is Halloweentown. It is a must-see Halloween movie. I think I love it so much because I love the idea of magic and witches.

Witchcraft in media is always controversial because of ideas that conflict the the Catholic church. I remember when the movie The Golden Compass came out, it was harshly critiqued and viewed as “anti-Christian, pro-atheist.” It seems like anytime anything is associated with witchcraft it is viewed as an attack on the Catholic church.


If you believe your horoscope, it’s a sin. If you get your fortune told, it’s a sin. If you try to use a ouija board, it’s a sin.

To be completely honest, I think everyone takes an interest in something like that at some point in their lives. It’s interesting! I loved witch stories when I was younger; movies, books, comics, manga, anime. I bought a book on Wicca when I was in grade school and I remember hiding it under my mattress so my mom wouldn’t find it and get mad at me. I don’t know if she actually would have been mad. I don’t know if she even knows I have it even though now it sits on my bookshelf for anyone to see. But the point is, why is it a sin to be interested in and explore new ideas?

Sometimes I feel like this must be a problem only within Christianity or Catholicism. Maybe it’s an issue in other religions as well. But I really hate it. Just because I love the movie Halloweentown and want to learn more about actual Wiccan practices doesn’t me that I’m turning against God.


It is just one of the many examples of how religious people can be so ignorant and close-minded. And let me tell you, it really bugs me.


At least Disney Channel and ABC still play movies during Halloween time starring of some of the most interesting creatures and their craft. It’s ok for the media to expose it, but the second a little girl wants to find out more about how to be a super cool witch like Marnie Piper, it’s a sin. What? Maybe that’s why I dressed up as a witch for six consecutive Halloweens when I was younger. I knew that Halloween was the only day I could be a witch without the Church condemning it….how sad.


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