Phasing out religion?

Is it possible? Will there ever be a time when society can function without some sort of religion?

I don’t think so. There has never been a time (that I am aware of) when religion did not exist. So how will there ever be a time in the future when religion does not exist? It seems necessary to life.

Then again, humanity has not yet ceased to advance, develop new ideas, and leave behind the old ones that are no longer applicable. Scientific theories that were developed have been proven wrong and inadequate and were eventually phased out. Modern civilization no longer even considers the face that the world is flat because there are new ideas that are more accurate. We were able to prove that the world is indeed a sphere so we left behind the idea that it was flat. So will there come a time when someone proves that God does not exist and we will leave behind that notion?

It’s a possibility. But even then would religion cease to exist? No. There are religions that do not follow a god. And even so, according to survey I found, about 51 percent of people in the world believe in God. So if more than half the world believes in God (or a god of some sort) and bases their lives off that belief and raise their children to believe the same way and worship together in communities, will any kind of scientific proof against the existance of God really change the minds of 51 percent of the world? I do not see it happening. No matter what science says, people will believe what they want to believe. People have given their lives for their beliefs.

So do I think there will ever be a time when people just give up their beliefs entirely? No way.

Even if an individual religion does phase out, religious people will never cease to exist. Communities and rituals based on some belief, whether in a god, gods, or karmic rebirth, will continue to exist and guide society forever in the future.

Saying that religion will eventual phase out is like saying that laws and rules will eventually phase out. Even in the most primitive societies, rules and patterns existed between people as a way of communicating. As society and humanity has aged and advanced, the rules and patterns have changed, but they have not ceased to exist all together because you cannot simple remove them from the equation.


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