Break was definitely well needed.

Being so far away from home (about 500 miles) definitely made going home a treat. High Point is like a whole different world, and I feel like a different person here.

One of the first things I got to do while home was go to Mass with my family at my parish. Needless to say I really missed it there.

Everything there was so familiar and comforting. I love that there is a Catholic community at HPU that holds mass every week. And as laid back as it is, it just never feels homey. I loved being back in the same wooden pew my family almost always sits in, and I loved hearing my pastor give the homily, and I loved waking up early with my mom and talking over coffee until my dad and my brother woke up, and I loved going out to breakfast afterward. 

There is something about familiarity that adds to the power of ritual. You can go to Mass almost anywhere and worship, but it never feel quite as effective as it does when you are at the place where you are most familiar and at home. Going to Mass here at school is nice, and I love that it’s an available option, but I almost wish I lived closer to home so I could go to Mass at St. Christopher’s parish every Sunday with my family.


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