The Devil’s Playground

I had heard about Rumspringa before. I like about an hour and a half from Lancaster, PA which is known for being “Amish Country.” I have family who lives in that area, and I got my two dogs from an Amish farm in Lancaster. So I had seen the way of life before. And When I heard about Rumspringa I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. Looking at the way Amish communities live I thought, “What teen would choose to go back to that life after getting to experience the modern world?” Rumspringa is pretty much a time machine! For someone raised in the simple ways of the Amish, joining the modern world would be like traveling to a future world that is unbelievably advanced. It makes me think of how a few years ago(circa 1995), when the world thought about the distant future (2013), images of floating cars and chrome cities came to mind. I mean look at the Jetsons! Who wouldn’t want to join the future with all their crazy technologies and ideas! The analogy seemed accurate in my mind. But watching the documentary on Rumspringa opened my eyes. These Amish teens don’t really experience the real modern world. They enter a false sense of reality based on extremes. Drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex. It’s crazy! That’s not the real world! Now it makes sense how the Amish community hasn’t gone extinct!!! Who would choose to like in that crazy, chaotic world of extremes for the rest of their life?! No one! Crazy people? That’s the only way.

If these teens were adopted for a few months by real families in the real world so that they truly got to taste the real “english” world, I bet the number of teen who return to the Amish church would drop drastically.


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