Religion and Pop-Culture

Religion as a fashion statement.

In recent years, American culture and fashion has taken on religion as the latest trend. Crosses adorn every article of clothing in some stores, and cross shaped jewelry can be found just about anywhere. As I type this I am wearing cross earrings.
So when did crosses become the hottest trend? They’ve been popular for a while.


But more recently, they have taken over the fashion industry. They are everywhere. So do people choose to dress head to toe in cross apparel because they are devoutly religious? Or because they want to appear religion? Or maybe the just like the look. But for those you wear cross-adorned clothing purely for the aesthetic appeal, do they recognize the religious connection?
Should it be considered disrespectful that our culture is taking on religious symbols and rejecting their true meaning?

It’s hard to say. I personally think crosses are beautiful and simple. Easy as that. But I am also Catholic, i recognize what the cross stands for in my religion. Is the crucifix I wear around my neck the same as the ones that hang from my earlobes? I don’t think so. One is a religious symbol, and the other is simple a shape; two delicate lines overlapping. But where is the line drawn that makes them two distinct entities. It’s not so easy to find.

Culture has turned symbols with meaning into meaningless fads. People wear rosaries around their necks and have them tattooed all over their body. Now, the act in itself is not necessarily bad. But where do the motives lie? For fashion purposes? To keep up with the trends?

It should be obvious that we are facing a problem when people are adorning themselves with religious symbols and rejecting their meanings.


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