Final Paper

So this final paper will give me chance to delve deeper into any religion. Well, there are quite a few to choose from. My first thought was Buddhism because it was the one I was most interested in during class. So I think that would be a good option for me. But I also thought about expanding on what we have done in class this semester and not choosing any of the religions we covered. Something outside the Big 5. But what to choose? Something interesting and controversial. I’ve decided that this would be prime time to explore something that has always interested me, but often forget to view as a religion:
Pagan Witchcraft and Wicca.

Pentagrams and herbal spells and potions are what first come to mind so it will be interesting to do further research into the real beliefs and practices, traditions and rituals of Paganism.

Choosing the phenomenological categories in which to examine Witchcraft will be the most difficult part, I think. Rituals will definitely be one of them since I’m sure one of the first things that people call to mind in response to the word witchcraft is cauldrons and sacrifices surrounded by candles and pentagrams.
Already doing some research via the library’s tools, I found this nice like summary of an article on children’s participation in modern paganism.
“The emphasis within Pagan families on the performance of ritual activities and spiritual practices in everyday life reflects the importance of considering ritual as only one of the many venues for religious expression among adults and children.”


This is obviously a religion that stresses the importance of ritual as a vehicle for the sacred. Although it views that sacred in  a way very different from Christianity, both stress ritual activities and spiritual practices and probably have some interesting similarities.


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