A final reflection

So this assignment is officially over. What better topic for my last reflection post than a reflection on having to record my reflections.

I think this assignment has been so helpful and thought provoking. Maybe a little time consuming and frustrating at times when I couldn’t think of what to write, but it also pushed me to think deeper and make connections outside of class.


In fact, as I was reading a chapter for my Communication class, a lot of the wording in the book sounded so similar to ideas we had explored in this Religion course. It talked about communication as something that has always existed. That there has never been a society without communication of some form just like there has never been a society without religion of some form.

This assignment has taught me to connect things in the classroom to other experiences and to think more deeply about everything.


I think I’ll keep this blog going so I continue to make these invaluable connections.


Also, religion and pop culture is one of my favorite topics and I found these two nifty little sites:


Top 10 Most Controversial Religious Movies

They are lists of the most controversial movies of all time. Very interesting. I am on a mission to watch all of these movies because I never really understood religion conflict with media and pop culture. It’s all fiction. It’s just what makes money. No one is getting hurt, and yet religion tends to turn against things that don’t hold the same values, but what’s the big deal really? I will never understand, but it is something I will continue to explore through this blog. Now I have some movies to go watch before I can post any more!


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